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'System let him down,' says wife of C. diff victimStandard

Third NHS staffer gets C. diff, ER visits down 20% over last summer
NHS workers must now report their health condition before work
By BRETT CLARKSON Niagara Falls Review, Niagara Falls Review

NHS has 'new corporate culture' as another outbreak patient dies
By Brett Clarkson, QMI Agency

Air of optimism as probe opens into hospital improvement plan
By Karena Walter, Standard Staff

Latest death puts C. diff toll at 24
Welland patient dies
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

Confronting the Superbug Crisis

C. diff patient dies at Welland hospital
By Grant LaFleche Standard Staff

New superbug hits Niagara Falls hospital

Third outbreak hits Niagara Falls
NHS releases report issued by the Ministry of Labour on staff C. diff patient: See report below
By Grant LaFleche Standard Staff

Latest C. difficile infection involves hospital staffer
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

No ordinary job to clean a C. difficile room
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

Another C. diff patient dies while NHS gets passing grade for handling outbreak
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

Four new C. diff cases at St. Catharines hospital
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

C. diff outbreak continues in Niagara as three Ontario hospitals are cleared
By Ian Robertson, QMI Agency

Washed and sanitized, hospital visitors still fear C. difficile
By Jeff Bolichowski, Standard Staff

C. difficile deaths hit 21 as three more patients die
Some visitors refusing to wash their hands in hospital
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

Protesters blast NHS over handling of C. difficile outbreaks

Fourth hospital declared in C. difficile outbreak
Hotel Dieu Shaver
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

Next step in C. diff fight: A super-scrubbing for Niagara hospitals
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

10th outbreak patient dies at St. Catharines hospital
By Grant LaFleche

Welland C. difficile patient dies

One death during 2008 C. diff outbreak, NHS says
Disclosure of patient death part of ‘new culture’ of transparency: Matthews
By BRETT CLARKSON Niagara Falls Review, Niagara Falls Review

Family gets NHS apology after woman's death
By Brett Clarkson, QMI Agency

Hospital CEO defends staff over critical news reports
By Brett Clarkson, QMI Agency

Another C. diff death reported as Shaver outbreak ends
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

C. difficile patient dies St. Catharines
By Standard Staff

C. diff direct cause of at least three deaths: NHS
By Grant LaFleche, Standard Staff

Death by the Dozens ~ Infections by the Score

Isn’t it just wonderful to have our highly paid officials and clever politicians try to tell us that this amount of infections and deaths is ‘average’?

If this outbreak of 100’s of infections and 32 deaths (and counting) is ‘average’ then what in the name of reason do these healthcare officials and civic leaders consider ‘high’?

Excuses range from; it’s also in other southwester Ontario Hospitals to the victims had underlying health issues! Nowhere in Ontario, let along Canada, has the outbreak of infections and deaths been so concentrated as here in Niagara under the NHS. And of course the victims had underlying health issues.

Why else would they be in the hospital in the first place?

Our Niagara Health System is part and parcel of the Ontario Health System and therefore is under the ultimate management and control of the Ontario Government. Evidence suggests that there is a serious lack of management and control emanating from our Ontario government. Our local MPP Jim Bradley is in hiding or at least very silent on the subject. Our Premier Dalton McGuinty is a complete no show. Perhaps our Premier is more worried about his upcoming election? Our local newspaper is simply repeating the party line as presented by the NHS spokesperson.

Alarmed local citizens and politicians seeking answers are told by Ontario Government bureaucrats that they are causing hysteria. Surely it is concern over infections and deaths that is the cause of hysteria and not concerned citizens and local politicians seeking answers!

Through the month of July, alone, there have been over 130 newspaper articles and hundreds of blog, twitter and face book commentary crying out alarm and outrage from concerned citizens.

Commentary ranged from ‘cost of management at the expense of staff’ to ‘hiring out to the lowest bidder’ to just downright incompetence and mismanagement.

Many feel that it is no longer appropriate for the NHS administration to decide which infections and deaths are to be reported. Predicated on growing mistrust, many are calling for an arm’s length assessment or even a  criminal investigation.
The whole sad story of infections and deaths in our hospitals is raising a spectre of equal concern in that there is a distinct possibility that the current management of the NHS might transfer infectious health problems to our new hospital.

Since it is apparent that these deadly infectious diseases have been transferred between NHS facilities, it is extremely imperative to prevent any transfer of infectious diseases to our new hospital!

Niagara Winners Circle