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Education in Canada
Well, there you have it. Canadian education is rated in the top ten of nearly every survey. In fact there are surveys out there that places Canadian education second from the top.

Astonishing considering the fact that so many of our young people graduate into the ‘army of the unemployed’, or at best into a dead end job that requires much less than a ‘world class’ education. Who does the rating? What is the criterion? These so-called ratings seem to fly in the face of fact.

In Canada we are being fed an opinion that our students have not been educated to the standard necessary to fill the many high paid ‘skilled’ jobs that, surprise – surprise, are going begging. What got us into this situation? What is the responsibility of rating agencies such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development for educational deficiencies?

It gets worse! Now we are faced with having to import the skilled workers from other countries. But how can that be if our education system is among the world’s best? What other country has an education system that is so superior that they can supply ‘skilled workers’ to fill our pre-requisites?

One thing is self evident. We cannot have it both ways. If those in charge are unable to understand the need and how to fulfill the need then we must co-opt their authority going forward.
It’s not a just a matter of how we fund our current system of education. The cost of education is passing the point of diminishing returns and still has not fulfilled either its mandate or our counties requirements.

It is a matter of delivery and how knowledge is acquired. Education is a matter of learning through mutually inspired assimilation. Successful mentoring will consider and include emotional intelligence, inherent intuitive perception, and reason to promote and sustain our ethical and moral values and our ability to exist and prosper.

The successful educationist understands that knowledge cannot be force-fed. More importantly, the successful educationist understands that the student must be seduced into a desire and acumen to usurp the knowledge and expertise that will be required. The student must be encouraged to absorb desired and required knowledge based on the student’s existential prerequisites and permitted the freedom to adapt knowledge to fit a person’s moral values and character.

Bona fide educationists, historic or otherwise, will soon deliver society’s educational need, in a direct tutor to student relationship. One on one delivery of education - education that will be totally color blind, gender neutral, age oblivious, and customized by student choice - will challenge the student’s alacrity, tenacity, and sense of exigency. The education our society needs will no longer be delivered under the obstinate autocracy of ever expanding and self-serving bumblecracies and their congenital unionized drones or those with the philosophy of drones.”

One day a student will continue their inborn quest for knowledge without the constraining harness of channeled and limited curriculum.

Even now people are light years ahead of their grandparents with the advent of television programs such as ‘The History Channel’, ‘National Geographic’, ‘The Discovery Channel’, and many learning and probative current affairs channels.

People have affordable education at their disposal on almost every subject one can name and they have the freedom to partake in this universal education at any age, at any speed, in any location, in any state of dress, and at any time of day of their choice.

Soon people will receive excellent education through in-active computers. People will learn through programs that can be continually fine-tuned to enable everyone the ability to grasp even the finer points of any subject.

There will be, what we might call, a mommy-button to continually help keep score of progress.

Social graces will flourish through social activities like the arts, sports and meaningful participation in society.

One thing is certain. We must dig ourselves out of this self-imposed educational ghetto.

Please consider the efforts of Salmon Khan and those following his lead: