The ‘Mediation Agreement’ was held on July 30, 2013 with no concern for Tenant Hansplant’s testimony that he was involved in an accident and not a deliberate act. Mr. Hansplant is a double leg amputee with fingers amputated and frozen into a permanent curl.
Tenant Hansplant’s electric wheelchair, which is not a motorized scooter, was being serviced by ‘Motion Specialties at costs of thousands of dollars. An unsuccessful service and parts call occurred July 15, 2013 at a cost of $248.00. The electric wheelchair’s problem was not solved until September.
Tenant Hansplant had requested an interim manual wheelchair to no avail.
Tenant Hansplant, who cannot read nor write was not allowed to have either of his two guardian Angels present in the room with him, which brought Mr. Hanslant to tears.
The result was the document below…
Kangaroo Court
Niagara Regional Housing claimed that the meeting of July 23, 2013 was about trying to help Tenant Mr. Handsplant but their own 'complaint' reads: 'Recently, on July 23, 2013, a Landlord & Tenant mediation was scheduled'. Integrity!
The letter to the victim poor amputtee senior Mr. Bob Hansplant clearly shows that no conformation of a new and improved location was offered until October 23, 2013
How Nice!!!
Nice Try!!!
Mr. Hansplant suffered in this 'UNIT' for years!
Was their epiphany caused by Councilor Petrowski?
Audacity of Niagara Regional Housing
Our obvious disrespect is predicated on the equally disrespectful conduct of the NRH
What Code of Conduct does the Niagara Regional Housing go by?
Will NRH ever realize what they did to their amputtee tenant Mr. Bob Hansplant?
After 4 rears of hell
As late as this there was still no consenses as to amputee victim Bob Hasnplant's predicament

Integrity is not something that comes prepackaged. It is not something that can be purchasd. It doesn't come with a university sheepskin. Integrity is your culture. Most have it - some don't.

Integrity demands doing the right thing
Not destroying the messanger
Report on Niagara Regional Housing
unit at 15 Gale Crescent St. Catharines, Ontario

  List of Disturbing Allegations:

● No superintendant for building in a high risk neighborhood
● Lack of security
● Fire Doors that won’t latch
● Entrance security door suffers failures – not secure
● When frightened residents test the veracity of visitors they are told "building not Gestapo"
● Uninvited drunks sleeping in hallways
● Uninvited people lunching in stairwells
● People dancing naked in the rain in parking lot
● Druggies visiting resident drug pusher
● Druggies pounding on wrong Resident’s door
● Woman in wheel chair overturned and robbed by two non-resident males
● Police regularly called to building yet amputee senior threatened with eviction
● No required data posted in elevators
● Elevators regularly locked out for hours to assist floor washer
● List of vulnerable residents not available to firemen as required
● Sink holes continually opening up (one within 18 ft.) threatening stability of building
● Tenants patching large cracking in 35 yr old -16 story building
● Shifting building stops fire doors from closing
● Plumbing backs up and even overflows into hallway
● Elderly lady berated for not turning off valve
● Orders not to help if a tenant in distress
● Expensive jobs not tendered
● According to Orkin it is not necessary for elderly to repeatedly lose furniture over bed bugs
● Concern over were their furnishings are going
● Seniors forced to sleep on floor over replacement cost of lost furniture predicated on improper       bed bug control
● Concern over floor washer having master key
● Staff found trespassing private apartments
● Break, enter and vandalism of cars in the parking lot
● Staff seen shoving lady out front door
● General concern for Safety
● Tenants afraid to complain for fear of eviction
● Custodian on duty often leaves building during shift