Perpetuating Darkness
Part two of two   (Click here for part one)

Dateline October 14, 2010. ‘Les Miserables’ remains alive and well in Niagara. The Niagara Regional Council passed up its opportunity to tear open their self-imposed ‘Curtain of Darkness’ that they had deliberately used to shroud themselves from the Citizens of Niagara, to ban the public from the public forum, and to shield Regional Council from public dissent.

More importantly, they reaffirmed their preference of making sure that the Citizens of Niagara never again witness opposing views on their television sets! This reaffirmation proves that they cannot tolerate the glare of the spotlight exposing these councillors to objection, to opposition, to truth, or to any view that does not coincide with their own!

The Niagara Winners Circle tested the region’s new By-law #120-2010 several times only to be met with repeated rejection under section 13.3 of the By-law, which reads

“Delegations {Individuals} shall not be permitted to appear at Council Meetings”

Even on the night in question, 2010-10-14, with Mayor Hodgson moving to revisit this extraordinary gag order and seconded by Councillor Bylsma, (the) Regional Council could not come up with enough votes to allow Mr. Andrew Petrowski to speak before ‘Their Regional Council’ on this egregious subject matter!

Moreover, St. Catharines Regional Councillors McMullan, Garcia, Heit, Casselman, Rigby, and Katzman voted, as a pack, against Andrew Petrowski’s request to defend the basic rights, constitutional rights, charter rights, and more importantly, the moral rights of Niagara Citizens.

How can anyone in good conscious vote for people who would consider Niagara Citizens with such contempt? In fact how can anyone respect any Regional Councillor who would protect their ‘Country Club’ from those they refer to as the ‘great unwashed’ whose presence at Council might just interrupt their co-called peaceful, amenable and orderly deliberations?

These characters consider themselves infallible but the situation and cost of our Niagara Region suggests that they do indeed need all the help they can get! Better we find new councillors that have not lost touch with us common folk!

Suppression of dissent is the first weapon of the Tyrant!
Only a Tyrant would use dictatorial powers to block the public from our public forum!

This is NOT Democracy! This is Democratic Tyranny!

Now these same Regional Councillors are asking us to re-elect them!

Now they are promising us that they will rewrite the very problems they created!

They’ve had years to make things right! They will not change!

Our only hope is to change them!

Vote these ‘TAX & SPENDERS’ out of Office!