Report* on Niagara Regional Housing
15 Gale Crescent St. Catharines, Ontario

  List of Disturbing Allegations:

● No superintendant for building in a high risk neighborhood
● Lack of security
● Fire Doors that won’t latch
● Entrance security door suffers failures – not secure
● When frightened residents test the veracity of visitors they are told "building not Gestapo"
● Uninvited drunks sleeping in hallways
● Uninvited people lunching in stairwells
● People dancing naked in the rain in parking lot
● Druggies visiting resident drug pushers
● Druggies pounding on wrong Resident’s door
● Woman in wheel chair overturned and robbed by two non-resident males
● Police regularly called to building yet amputee senior threatened with eviction
● No required data posted in elevators
● Elevators regularly locked out for hours to assist floor washer
● List of vulnerable residents not available to firemen as required
● Sink holes continually opening up (one within 18 ft.) threatening stability of building
● Tenants patching large cracking in 35 yr old -16 story building
● Shifting building stops fire doors from closing
● Plumbing backs up and even overflows into hallway
● Elderly lady berated for not turning off valve
● Orders not to help if a tenant in distress
● Expensive jobs not tendered
● According to Orkin it is not necessary for elderly to repeatedly lose furniture over bed bugs
● Concern over were their furnishings are going
● Seniors forced to sleep on floor over replacement cost of lost furniture predicated on improper       bed bug control
● Concern over floor washer having master key
● Staff found trespassing private apartments
● Break, enter and vandalism of cars in the parking lot
● Failure to clear ice and snow from walkways and entrance
● Staff seen shoving lady out front door
● General concern for Safety
● Tenants afraid to complain for fear of eviction
● Custodian on duty often leaves building during shift

*This report compiled predicated on NWC expose´ regarding misconduct of an amputee senior

Freedom of Information